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About Us

Miss Hy-Per Lube Unlimited Hydroplane Circa 1966

The Hy-Per Lube Story

A Northwest Tradition

Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement was originally formulated by Harold Hilton in the early 1950's. Mr. Hilton fabricated high quality valves for a wide variety of industries, including the paper and pulp, electrical power generation, petrochemical and marine. The enormous amount of heat and friction generated by the worm gears within the valves was causing premature wear and failure. Finding no commercially available lubricant that was suitable, Mr. Hilton set out to develop a lubricant that met his needs.

The result was the development of Mr. Hilton's Hy-Per Lube, a high film strength, non-foaming, extreme pressure, non-corrosive, oil supplement. The name Hy-Per Lube is found on the shelves of most automotive parts stores and distributors in the country. Hy-Per Lube has a proven record of providing maximum performance and ultimate protection in millions of engines for over 50 years.

We don't make motor oil, we make motor oil better!