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Hy-Per Lube Improving Performance for Over 50 Years
super-coolant.jpgNSMC Seal of Approval

Super Coolant

Part Number: HPC100  |  Directions

Use in Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, R.V.’s, Towing, Racing and Street Cooling Systems

High performance engines require coolant to transfer as much heat as possible. As cylinder head temperatures increase, so does the likelihood of detonation and power loss unless ignition timing is retarded. Under extreme conditions, this can also result in overheating and engine damage.

Hy-Per Lube Super Coolant reduces the surface tension of coolant, allowing it to more deeply penetrate metal surfaces at critical heat transfer areas inside the engine and radiator. This results in more heat being transferred away from cylinder heads and a reduction in engine operating temperatures.

Importantly, cooler cylinder head temperatures also allow the engine ECU to safely advance ignition timing, which results in more horsepower. Street applications running a 50/50 mix will run 8-10°F cooler, and racing applications running straight water will run up to 25°F cooler. Actual cylinder head temperatures can be reduced by up to 50°F. When running Hy-Per Lube Super Coolant with straight water or a Water/Anti-Freeze mix we DO NOT recommend using Distilled Water. We recommend using Softened Tap Water or Bottled drinking water for best results. Please click on this link to learn more about why we do not recommend using Distilled Water.

Super Coolant is formulated to protect all metals found in cooling systems, including ALUMINUM.

Hy-Per Lube Super Coolant provides complete protection from rust, corrosion, and electrolysis. This is particularly important in straight water applications where there is no corrosion protection being provided by the corrosion inhibitors in antifreeze.

Reduces engine cylinder head temperatures
Allows safe advancement of ignition timing
resulting in more horsepower
Complete protection from rust, corrosion
and electrolysis
Contains no anti-freeze, safe for use
on all racetracks

Quicker engine warm-up during cold
winter conditions
One 16 oz. bottle treats 12-20 quart
cooling systems
Compatible with all types and all colors of antifreeze
Use in gasoline or diesel engines

Dyno Test Results

Independent Dyno tests prove that it reduces engine temperatures by up to 25°F

Reduces engine temperature



Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

Material Safety Data Sheet - Canada (PDF)




Make sure your engine is COOL before you remove your radiator cap. One bottle treats most all automotive cooling systems up to 20 quarts. Add one ounce for each additional quart of system capacity over 20 quarts. Retreat with Super Coolant annually for best performance. Using less than 50% anti-freeze will also improve temperature reduction. Super Coolant can also be used in straight water for maximum temperature reduction and racing applications. Always check to make sure you have proper freeze protection

**Super Coolant is compatible with all types and all colors of anti-freeze including Dex-cool.

If you have any questions or would like more information about our coolant additive, feel free to contact us here at Hy-Per Lube!