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Hy-Per Lube Improving Performance for Over 50 Years

Oil Supplement

Part Number: HPL201  |  Directions

Dont Just Stabilize Your Oil...
Improve It With Hy-Per Lube Oil Supplement

Hy-Per Lube Oil Supplement answers the age-old question of "Do oil supplements work?" with an emphatic YES! The Hy-Per Lube Oil Supplement improves the performance of any oil in four ways:

1. Increases Film Strength:

Over 75% of engine wear occurs during the first few seconds of starting your engine. This is called dry or cold start wear. Hy-Per Lube provides complete protection against start-up wear by leaving a protective film on all internal engine parts, even if your engine has not been running for long periods of time.

2. High Mileage:

 When used in high mileage engines, Hy-Per Lube will help restore performance and improve fuel economy by better sealing piston rings and valve guides. Compression is restored, oil consumption and exhaust smoke is reduced.

3. Improves Viscosity and Prevents Thermal Breakdown:

Hy-Per Lube provides added protection between oil changes and will extend the life of your oil by up to 50%. When used under normal driving conditions you can extend your drain interval up to a total of 7500 miles.

4. Reduces Temperature:

All lubricants will foam. Foam traps heat in the oil which increases operating temperatures leading to premature wear and equipment failure. Hy-Per Lube reduces foam and helps extend the life of your engine and also reduces gear box and transmission temperatures.

5. Quiets Engine Noise:

Hy-Per Lube is an extreme pressure lubricant which greatly enhances your oils ability to cushion and absorb mechanical shock. Hy-Per Lube will reduce lifter and drive train noise.

100% Petroleum based formula
Will not void new car warranty
Compatible with all petroleum and synthetic oils

Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF)


Add Hy-Per Lube Oil Supplement to your favorite brand of oil as follows:

Gasoline Engines: Replace one quart of oil with one quart of Hy-Per Lube in 4 to 5 quart systems. In larger systems use 20% by volume. You can use up to 2 quarts in worn high mileage engines.

Diesel Engines: Add 10% Hy-Per Lube by volume. 

Hydraulic Systems: Add 10% by volume, 20% in high temperature applications.

Manual Transmissions, Gear Boxes & Differentials: Add 20 to 40% by volume.

Torque Converters: Add 10 to 20% by volume.

Assembly Lube: 100% Hy-Per Lube

For more information on the Hy-Per Lube Oil Stabilizer, please feel free to contact us!