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Frankly, my 1973 AMC Hornet had me a little worried. Not having driven it for a while, I needed to take it to my local AutoZone, to get some ATF and brake fluid for my Honda Accord. On the way, the oil pressure light kept lighting up, flashing on and off, indicating that my oil pump might be failing.
I saw a lone bottle of Hy-per Lube sitting on the shelf, read the ways that it promised to improve oil performance and decided to give it a try. Since I was out on errands, I couldn't take the time to make room for a quart in my engine, per the instructions. Instead, I poured 1/3 of a bottle into my crankcase, and from then on, not a single flash from the oil pressure light and the engine ran quieter and smoother all the way home -- a significant reduction in valve chatter.

Thanks Mike! Appreciate the feedback and glad Oil Supplement is working so well for you!

This stuff is amazing. Car, lawn mowers...anything with an engine.

Like others, I've been using various oil additives for years. I'll try anything once. I have two cars. 1998 Avalon V6 for summer and 2001 Buick 3.1 V6 for winter. Recently tried this stuff on the Avalon with 188,000 miles. I could be imagining this but it seems to run peppier! Time will tell for gas mileage. I'll use this product next fall on my Buick. Cold start-ups should be better.

All of our Hy-per Lube products are formulated with the newest cutting edge technology available.

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