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Part Number: HPL201C

Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement - 946 mL

Don’t just stabilize your oil. Improve it.

Over 75% of engine wear occurs during the first few seconds of starting your engine.  Hy-per Lube provides complete protection against start-up wear by leaving a protective lubricant film on all internal engine parts.  When used in high mileage engines, Hy-per Lube will restore performance and help improve fuel economy by better sealing piston rings and valve guides.  Compression is restored and oil consumption is reduced.

Hy-per Lube provides added protection between oil changes and will extend the life of your oil by up to 50%.  When used in normal driving conditions you can extend your drain interval up to 12,000 kilometers.

  • 100% Petroleum based formula
  • Will not void new car warranty
  • Compatible with all petroleum and synthetic oils

Available in larger sizes depending on your application needs:


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Add Hy-Per Lube Oil Supplement to your favorite brand of oil at or between each oil change.

  • Gasoline Engines: Replace 9 mL of oil with bottle of Hy-per Lube in 4-6 liter system.  Larger systems use 20% by volume. (up to 2 quarts in worn high mileage engines)
  • Diesel Engines: Add 10% Hy-Per Lube by volume.
  • Manual Transmissions, Gear Boxes & Differentials: Add 20 to 40% by volume.
  • Assembly Lube – 100% Hy-per Lube.

For more information on the Hy-Per Lube Oil Stabilizer, please feel free to contact us!


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