Part Number: HQH300C

Quick Heat

Hy-Per Lube Quick Heat Warms Up Your Engine 50% Faster

Hy-per Lube Quick Heat is formulated specifically to improve the heat transfer of your cooling system, this allows your system to warm-up as much as 50% faster. On cold winter mornings, this improvement will make your car’s heater put out warm air or heat as much as 3 to 5 minutes sooner.

  • Faster Engine Warm-up During Cold Winter Temperatures
  • Quicker Car Heater Response
  • Easy to Use, Just Add to your Radiator

Hy-per Lube Quick Heat is also beneficial to your engine in the warmer summer months. Getting your engine up to normal operating temperature sooner improves engine performance and mileage in addition to reducing wear.

It’s important to know, Quick Heat only makes your engine warm up sooner.

It doesn’t make your engine run hotter.


Add one bottle to your radiator. One bottle treats all systems up to 16 liters of capacity. For best result re-treat after 1 year.

Should you have any questions about whether your engine could benefit from our Quick Heat, email Hy-Per Lube today!

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