Part Number: HPC100C

Super Coolant

Use in Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, R.V.’s, Towing, Racing and Street Cooling Systems

Hy-per Cool Super Coolant contains New Technology  wetting agents which lower the surface tension of the water/coolant mixture, allowing it to improve the heat transfer of your cooling system.  This will make your system dissipate more heat more efficiently, reducing engine temperatures by up to 14°C helping to prevent overheating.  Super Coolant lubricates and protects water pump seals, and helps prevent corrosion of ALL metals commonly found in cooling systems, including Aluminum.

  • Compatible with ALL types and ALL colors of antifreeze coolant.
  • Can be used with straight water for maximum cooling performance.
  • Contains no glycol.
  • Safe for track use.
  • Provides no antifreeze capability.
  • Always check for freeze protection if needed.

 Dyno Test Results

Independent Dyno tests prove that it reduces engine temperatures by up to 14°C


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Make sure your engine is off and the radiator is cool.  Add one bottle to treat 11.5 to 19 liter systems.  For larger and smaller systems, add 30 mL per 1 liter of capacity.  You can add to overflow tank, but it will take 4 to 5 heating and cooling cycles for products to fully enter the system.  For best results re-treat once per year.

**Super Coolant is compatible with all types and all colors of anti-freeze including Dex-cool.

If you have any questions or would like more information about our coolant additive, feel free to contact us here at Hy-Per Lube!

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