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Super Flush and Cleaner

Part Number: HFL400

Super Flush and Cleaner

Removes Deposits, Cleans Entire Cooling System

Hy-per Lube Super Flush removes coolant gels and neutralizes acids in the cooling system.  It cleans the entire cooling system, preventing overheating and corrosion.

  • Eliminates damaging coolant gels.
  • Reduces operating temperatures.
  • Neutralizes acids that cause corrosion.
  • Helps prevent formulation of scales/deposits.
  • For us in Gasoline & Diesel Engines.


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Technical Information:


Step 1: With engine off and cool, open radiator drain petcock and drain coolant into container for proper and safe disposal.
Step 2: Close petcock, pour entire contents of Hy-per Lube Super Flush into radiator and fill cooling system with water.  Replace radiator cap, start engine, turn heat on high, and run for 10-15 minutes.  Turn off engine, allow to cool, open radiator drain petcock and drain.
Step 3: Repeat step 2 with straight water.
Step 4: Fill cooling system with mix of antifreeze and/or water coolant.  Replace radiator cap.

For best results add Hy-per Lube Super Coolant after flushing the system, as the metal surfaces inside the system are now cleaned and primed for optimal heat transfer performance and complete corrosion protection.

Should you have any questions about Super Flush, email Hy-Per Lube today!

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