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Hy-PerLube Zinc Replacement Additive will provide maximum wear protection for cams and lifters in flat tappet cam design engines.

In an effort to extend the life of catalytic converters, the EPA and the OEM engine manufacturers have instructed the motor oil companies to reduce the levels of ZDDP (zinc dialkyldithiophosphate) in the oil. The ZDDP, when present in the exhaust gas, can coat the catalyst which results in higher emissions and shortens the service life of the catalytic converter. This reduced ZDDP approach works well to protect the catalytic converters but leaves many older and high performance engines without the proper EP (extreme pressure) wear protection they need to protect the cams, lifters and rocker arms. Virtually all non-roller cam designed engines are at risk for significant wear problems.

Hy-per Lube Zinc Replacement Additive contains an exclusive Polymer Ester formula which, when added to any motor oil, including the new SM rated oils, will provide up to TWICE the EP wear protection as high content ZDDP motor oils and is also safe for use in all engines even those with catalytic converters.

  • Provides superior wear protection even when added to oils containing reduced ZDDP levels
  • Maintains a strong oil film at high temperatures
  • Reduces cold start wear after long periods of shut down
  • Environmentally safe, contains no heavy metals and will not harm emission controls or catalytic converters
  • Does not contain Zinc or Phosphorous
  • Compatible with all motor oils including synthetic

Independent lab tests prove it protects better than zinc


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Add 1- 12 oz. bottle of Hy-Per Lube Zinc Replacement Additive to your oil. One bottle will treat a 4 to 6 quart capacity system. Use with every oil change.

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