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Part Number: HFL400

We refused to make just another radiator flush. If we couldn’t develop one worthy of the Hyper-Lube name, we wouldn’t put it in our product lineup. After several significant refinements to our product formulation, what emerged from our lab was Hy-per Cool, the highest-performing radiator cleaner and flush you can buy. Hy-per Cool Radiator Cleaner ...


Diesel Engine Cooling System Antifreeze Coolant Additive


Part Number: HPD200

Specifically formulated to improve the cooling ability of Hi-Performance turbocharged, intercooled diesel engines....



Part Number: HPC100

Reduces engine temperature, prevents overheating, provides maximum corrosion protection and allows engines to run up to 20 degrees cooler....


The intense heat generated by high-performance gas and turbocharged diesel engines is capable of putting tremendous stress on internal components and auxiliary systems. For those who ask a lot of your engines and are looking to maximize performance and longevity, Hy-per Lube engine coolant additives deliver the additive you need to prevent overheating, avoid engine damage and keep your vehicle or industrial equipment running in peak condition. We are the leading source of high-end, stress-tested coolant treatments for consumers across the United States and Canada who understand the value of choosing quality products.

Hy-per Lube Super Coolant

Stop worrying if the coolant products you’re using are capable of keeping your engine from overheating. Super Coolant is the most proven treatment product in the world for enhancing heat transfer to keep cylinder heads and internal components cool in the most extreme conditions. Effective for use in cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, towing, racing and street cooling systems, this innovative product reduces the surface tension of coolant, allowing for more effective penetration of metallic surfaces at primary heat transfer areas inside the engine and radiator.

Independent Dyno testing shows Hy-per Lube Super Coolant lowers engine temperatures by up to 25° F and offers complete protection from rust, corrosion and electrolysis. Additional advantages of choosing our superior engine coolant flush product include:

  • Safe advancement of ignition timing for a boost in horsepower
  • Compatibility with all different types and colors of antifreeze
  • Proven effective in both gasoline and diesel engines
  • No-anti-freeze formula suitable for use on racetracks

High-Performance Diesel Super Coolant

Turbocharged and intercooled diesel engines can generate heat levels standard coolant products just can’t handle. Hy-per Lube Diesel Super Coolant acts as a complete supplemental coolant additive (SCA) formulated to promote the more efficient transfer of heat to keep engine components safe while providing increased power, performance and efficiency. You benefit from 100% protection from cavitation, corrosion and electrolysis for a healthier and longer-lasting engine.

Diesel Super Coolant is compatible with all types of coolant products and SCA additives and filters and is proven to reduce engine temperatures by up to 9° F. Other benefits that set Hy-per Lube apart from other engine coolant flush products include:

  • Reduced cylinder head temperatures for enhanced performance
  • Increase in fuel efficiency of 1-2% for lower operating costs
  • 2-3% more engine torque for improved power and acceleration

Coolant Products From a Reliable Source

Hy-per Lube has been serving the needs of customers searching for superior lubricant, fuel system and engine coolant products for over 60 years. We are a family-owned business located in proximity to Detriot, MI, focused on delivering the quality solutions race teams, off-roaders, general daily-drivers and those working in industrial applications require to be successful. All of our products are formulated and made in the U.S.A. and are tested to meet the highest standards.

Contact us by completing an online request form or giving us a call today. Our knowledgeable customer support team is standing by to provide more information about our Hy-per Lube engine coolant flush products.

All of our Hy-per Lube products are formulated with the newest cutting edge technology available.

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