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Diesel Super Coolant

Modern turbocharged/intercooled diesel engines can run exceptionally hot, putting extreme stress on standard diesel engine coolant (not to mention the demands imposed by EGRs and oil coolers). To protect your engine from overheating, damage and failure, it’s critical to use a diesel cooling system additive capable of enhancing heat transfer and reducing the temperature of internal components. As an industry-leading source of high-end, stress-tested coolant treatments, lubricants and fuel system cleaners, Hy-per Lube offers premium-quality diesel coolant capable of standing up to your most demanding applications.

Diesel Engine Antifreeze Coolant

Hy-per Lube Diesel Super Coolant is the product of choice for everyone from motorsports and off-road enthusiasts to those working in industrial applications who understand the importance of quality and reliability. Our special formula for diesel engines acts as a complete supplemental coolant additive (SCA), providing 100% protection from cavitation, corrosion and electrolysis. Diesel Super Coolant utilizes reserve alkalinity to maintain safe pH levels to safeguard wet sleeve cylinder liners from erosion.

Take confidence in the product proven to reduce engine temperatures significantly and prevent diesel systems from overheating. Keeping your engine cylinder head temperatures (CHT) in a standard operating range serves to enhance the efficiency of a turbo or intercooled engine. The result is a healthier engine capable of increased power and performance while delivering improved fuel efficiency and extended service life.

Additional advantages of using our premium diesel engine antifreeze coolant include:

  • Compatibility with all types of diesel engine coolant and SCA additives/filters
  • An average increase in fuel economy by as much as 1-2%
  • 2-3% boost in torque for improved power and acceleration

The Diesel Engine Cooling System Additive That Passes the Test

If you’ve ever wondered if the oil or coolant additive you’re using really works, you’re not alone. At Hy-per Lube, we have the confidence to back up our claims with proven results. Independent Dyno tests show Deisel Super Coolant reduces engine temperatures by as much as 9° F. It’s the fast, safe and affordable way to keep your engine running smoothly no matter how hot it gets outside.

Dyno Test Results

Independent Dyno tests prove that it reduces engine temperatures by up to 9°F

Diesel Engine Cooling System Antifreeze Coolant Additive

Trust Hy-per Lube to Protect Your Engine

For over 60 years, we have been leading the way in chemical innovation and product development. Located just outside Detriot, MI, the Motor City, Hy-per Lube is proud to offer high-performance, industry-proven products formulated to stand up to exceptionally stressful and demanding environments. All of our products are made in the USA and meet the most stringent quality and performance standards.

There’s value in choosing diesel coolant additive manufactured by a family-owned business with a track record for putting the needs of its customers first. When you reach out to us for support, you’ll receive knowledgeable and attentive service dealing with any technical issue you may have.

Get in touch with us today for more information on Hy-per Lube Diesel Super Coolant. Give us a call or contact us online to request assistance from a live representative. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions about diesel engine coolant flush and help you find a retail location in your area.


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Diesel Engine Cooling System Antifreeze Coolant Additive

Add one bottle to treat 16 to 26 quart systems using 50/50 antifreeze coolant.  For larger systems use one bottle for every 22 quarts.  Systems using straight water add 2 ounces per quart of capacity.  Always check for proper freeze protection.

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