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Hy-PerLube Zinc Replacement Additive will provide maximum wear protection for cams and lifters in flat tappet cam design engines.

Motorsport and classic car enthusiasts, as well as those with industrial engine applications, are well aware that standard motor oil doesn’t always deliver the extreme wear protection you require. At Hy-per Lube, we understand your need for premium solutions in oil supplements for enhanced lubrication — including Zinc Replacement Additive. Our Zinc Replacement Additive delivers a high-performance, industry-proven product that’s exceptionally reliable, affordable and effective.

Why Zinc Replacement?

ZDDP, when present in exhaust gas, can coat the catalyst and result in increased emissions and shorter service life of the catalytic converter. On the directive of the EPA and OEM engine manufacturers, engine oil companies have reduced the levels of ZDDP in their products to protect catalytic converters from premature damage. While these measures are effective in safeguarding engine components and reducing environmental impacts, the change leaves owners of many types of older or high-performance and virtually all non-roller cam-designed engines without the wear protection they require.

Zinc engine oil additives from Hy-per Lube are designed to provide the EP (extreme pressure) wear protection you require. Hy-per Lube Zinc Replacement Additive offers a simple and efficient way to keep cams, lifters and rocker arms safe and eliminate significant wear problems. Since our ZDDP replacement does not contain zinc or phosphorous, it’s eco-friendly and safe to use with all engines, even those with catalytic converters.

The Benefits of Zinc Engine Oil Additive

Formulated and made in the USA, Zinc Replacement Additive is the go-to solution for automobiles and industrial engines in high-stress and demanding conditions and environments. Hy-per Lube calls on over 60 years of chemical innovation and leadership to develop superior-quality products that completely solve your engine health and performance problems. Our ZDDP oil additive contains an exclusive Polymer Ester formula that maintains a strong oil film at high temperatures. When added to any motor oil, it provides up to twice the EP wear protection as high-content zinc motor oils.

Hy-per Lube Zinc Replacement Additive is compatible with all motor oils, including synthetic and new SM-rated oils. Additional advantages include:

  • Product tested and proven to protect better than ZDDP
  • Zero heavy metals for improved environmental sustainability
  • Reduced cold-start wear after long periods of disuse
  • Will not harm emission controls or catalytic converters

Independent lab tests prove it protects better than zinc

Premium-Quality Zinc Additive From Hy-per Lube

We are among the most experienced and trusted source of superior lubricants, coolant treatments and fuel system cleaners throughout the United States and Canada. Whether you’re a race team or off-roader looking for added protection or you need a heavy-duty solution for industrial engine applications, our Zinc Replacement Additive and other lubrication products deliver effective, reliable performance at a competitive price.

Experience the difference of utilizing products from a family-owned business with a proven record for putting the needs of its customers first. Proudly located in Detriot, MI — The Motor City — our tech support team is standing by to take your call and answer all your questions. Contact us online or give us a call for more information.


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Add 1- 12 oz. bottle of Hy-Per Lube Zinc Replacement Additive to your oil. One bottle will treat a 4 to 6 quart capacity system. Use with every oil change.

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by Waylon Lee Stokes on Hy-per Lube United States

My wife's 2013 Hyundai Elantra which has over 140,000 miles began producing engine noises at around 120,000 miles. I tried a few products mechanics recommended & products I read online that had good reviews nothing really made much difference. I saw this product at my local parts store & gave it a try. The results were not only immediate but last throughout the life span of the oil between changes. I didn't tell my wife and the first time she started it & drove it she came back home and said " my car isn't making that noise any more " I have used it since then at every oil change but once because the parts store was out. The one time without it the sound returned & I drove to the next town over to buy a bottle. Her car & my daughters car will not go down the road without from now on. Truly the best product of it's type I've ever seen & I've tried pretty much everything you can buy.

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