Real Humans. Real Support.

We pride ourselves on customer support. So much so, in fact, that when you call us, you talk to a real human, based right here in Michigan, who will help you with whatever automotive problem you’re trying to solve. No maddening menus, no long wait times.

Hy-per Lube products are engineered to be the very best on the market for their intended purpose, but we always get questions from owners who want more information. Unsure of how to use Super Coolant? Want to talk about your lubrication needs before installing Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement? Whatever the case may be, our product specialists love to help and are here to answer all your questions. We want to make sure you have whatever information you need.

Hy-per Lube products have a long, proven history of industry-leading, professional-grade products for a variety of automotive applications. Our customer service specialists are here to help when you have questions or need additional guidance. Simply call us at (888) 275-0015 (M-F, 9 AM – 5 PM EST) or reach out to us via our contact page to get all the help you need. Or you can hit us up on Facebook if social media is more your thing.

All of our Hy-per Lube products are formulated with the newest cutting edge technology available.

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